gNewsReader Privacy Policy

gNewsReader application does not use or store any personal data for analytics or any other purpose other than necessary to carry out the functionality of the application, In fact there is no analytics solution being used by the application. gNewsReader also does not share any data with any 3rd party service for such purpose.

All the user authorization for various sharing services (e.g. feedly/newsblur/google/instapaper/pocket/readability) is collected by user consent only and optional. The authorization collected is only for the purpose of enabling the features provided by the said service such as feed aggregation, save for later functionality or sharing links over the social networks. All authorization information is only stored on the phone in application specific storage and not in shared area. All network call involving transfer of authorization information is made over secure HTTP channel and the authentication is only shared with service provider associated with the authentication data. Additionally authorization information stored locally can be cleared anytime by the user via accounts page. (Accessible via top swipe down menu)

All service authorizations can be individually cleared via the Accounts page or can be individually cleared by clicking clear button against each service listed.

For any additional clarifications author of the application Yogeshwar Padhyegurjar can be reached at or via twitter handle @yogeshwarp

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