Importing your Google Reader Takeout into Feedly

For anyone trying to migrate to new Feedly support added in gNewsReader post 1st July will notice that feeds are not automatically migrated since Google has shut down the backend services for Google Reader. Please follow the steps in article linked (Big thanks to Feedly team for this nice set of instructions) to get your subscription data back (NOTE: Takeout service is going to be live only till 15th July so hurry)

Here is the article reproduced below for easy reference

Google allows Google Reader users to download an archive of their Google Reader information using the Google Takeout Service.

If you have exported your data and are wondering on to import them into feedly, here are some instructions to help you out:

1) Download your Google Reader archive from the Google Takeout service.

2) Expand the archive and locate a file called subscriptions.xml

3) Login to feedly at

4) After login, go to and import subscriptions.xml

This will help you populate your feedly with all your Google Reader feeds and categories.

A few users have asked us to enhance the import and allow import of starred.json. We will look into this later this month so if this is important to you, please keep the content of your takeout file.

We hope this helps. If you have any questions, please post a comment and we will try to answer them.

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