Authentication issue - faced in arabic region when authenticating gNewsReader

If you are currently facing issue in authenticating gNewsReader and are residing in Arabic region or your phone is set to use Arabic region languages (All RTL languages including Arabic and Hebrew are applicable) then this article applied to you

Symptoms: gNewsReader application gets stuck once user accepts the authorization page. The page is stuck with message "Please wait while the Authorization request for Google is being processed".

Workaround: Strange as it may sound the issue is actually touch area of Accept and Deny buttons (Blue and Gray ones) is actually different from where they are shown on the screen. To register your accept click correctly you will need to click on the accept button (Blue) in the area as far away from Deny button (gray) as possible.

This is a workaround for now, next version to be submitted to app world for approval (1.2 and greater) will have a more proper fix. English language will be enforced regardless of regional settings to make sure authentication is possible till issue is resolved with Google pages and BB10 browser

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